How to Scale Your Online Business Successfully

Most people have no idea as to how to scale their online business. There is a big gap between a startup and a medium-sized business. And boy did I learn this the tough way.

It seemed as though I would stall in my business growth at the same stage in every business I tried to start up- and believe me I tried many! The truth is, scaling is an art that needs to be done carefully. Each phase should be researched and planned as if it were the most important launch in your life. Your customer journey should be re surveyed and refined. Your stats and sale reports should be studied with an objective and critical eye. And your team (if you have one) should be evaluated and corrected if they are causing a lack of growth in the department.

Acquiring the wrong partner or business deal can have severe consequences. But scaling does not have to be expensive and there are many free and organic methods of scaling an online company.  The companies I focus on featuring in this blog should all have a solid plan to scale digital because that is the most convenient and efficient way to scale as a nomadic entrepreneur. Online businesses have an advantage in that scaling the infrastructure often only requires a new hosting plan for a web site.


Most solopreneurs think that scaling involves acquisitions or significant partnerships. But scale can be on a much smaller level. If you hire a virtual assistant to complete the tasks that you don’t want to do, such as social media or email marketing, then you have effectively scaled. My VAs have been my life savers and literally freed me up for much more important tasks required to grow and scale quickly.

You will now be freed up to do more of what you love to do and can expand the business in whatever direction you see fit. There are many freelancers available on sites such as Upwork  or Guru who can deliver high-quality work for a very reasonable price. As you build a network of reliable freelancers, you only pay them for specific tasks that need to be done. Once you find freelancers that are fantastic for your business- treat them well and build a long term relationship with them. It will only make life easier as you get to know one another and contribute to each others' businesses.

I personally am a huge proponent of outsourcing and feel its a necessary milestone in every entrepreneur's journey- but especially our nomadic entrepreneurs that move often and need to rely on solid teams that they can task projects to. We should always be working on our business and not IN it <<< Nerdy “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” reference.


A good way to scale is to collaborate with people in your industry. Solopreneurs (especially in the military community) often fail to see the value of joining forces with other people in the same sector, often preferring to do everything by themselves.  Often because they feel that there isn't enough work to go around to share with a team of people to outsource to. I call BULL though-

#1. there is PLENTY of work- you just need to get in front of the right audience

#2 if you believe that you're slimming your chances of gaining work/sales/whatever because your including other in your work loads- then you need some major mindset work before we move on!

But establishing a network of associates within a particular field is ideal for long-term success and effective scaling. We can't all do everything all of the time- and for fast scaling and proper attention to different skills, we have to place the experts in the role in which they belong- I talk more on this in my blog post about Freelancers  and in another post about Outsourcing. They might have skills that you do not possess or have a different way of looking at things. You can link to each other's sites and perhaps even form your own company down the line.


Automation is another great way to scale your business. You can use an automation tool to complete tasks such as social media posting, email marketing, customer support, search engine optimization, and sales. Clickfunnels is a great platform to integrate most of these things and worth its weight in gold in regard to growing with your business. Plus, their support and training is outstanding. You can claim a FREE 2 week trial here.

Automation is one of the best ways to increase your output and it can free up your time to focus on the things that really matter. For example, Hootsuite and Buffer are among the better automation tools available in terms of social media management. You can see how your brand is doing across a large variety of social media platforms on one easy dashboard.

Don't get stuck with in the box thinking when it comes to automation. Technology has become so sophisticated and diverse- that ANY business could implement automated systems. For example, I run my entire team recruiting and product fulfillment for my MLM automated (to learn more on that, check out my Join My Downline Page). Everything from the lead generation, to on boarding is automatic in my business- this allows me to focus on other projects and tend to the tasks that need my attention as a business owner. It really has helped me in time management and work life balance to really pay attention to my scaling plans and how to use outsourcing with freelancers.

In the grand scheme of scaling a business, the fastest and most replicable system I can give is to outsource, automate, and collaborate. Once you have this method in mind and you start planning what to outsource first, your speed in scaling will exponentially grow your business.

I hope the info I gave was something to help you start your scaling and I hope your business grows and thrives as planned!

As always, I would love any feedback or comments on this article as I do encourage community on this blog. If you have any questions, relevant experiences, general knowledge about this topic to share – please do!

-Rachel H.

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**As always, if you have any insight or questions on any blog article- Simply, comment below and let me know how I can help. I love getting positive feedback and welcome any questions that could offer support or clarification on the topic. Have a blessed day and I hope you’re crushing your goals!**

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Rachel Herrera

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