If you came across this article through a Google Search, you likely have lots of questions around this guy that seemingly came out of nowhere and started offering a simple automation system around the MLM industry. However, Steve Larsen has been the quiet trojan horse for quite some time. He is the epitome of American dreams coming true and has shared his story and expertise with thousands of people trying to reach the same heights. Today, I am going to give a little back story on Steve Larsen, why he is the buzzing personality as of lately, and give you some solid information around his course that has everyone pining over him.

So, Who IS Stephen Larsen?

Stephen Larsen is a self proclaimed funnel freak that loves to nerd out over clickfunnels, all things marketing and sales, and loves his wife and kids to NO END (you'll know why I say this after hearing his self interviewed bio). He started his entrepreneurial journey as an employee for Russell Brunson, the famous direct response marketing “kid” that founded and scaled Clickfunnels to what it is today. In Steve's time working for Russell, he was blessed to be surrounded by the biggest, baddest, brightest marketers on the block. He absorbed all knowledge and expertise and became a lead funnel builder AND 2 Comma Club Coach for Russell's Top High Achievers. Stephen is now the founder of a website called, Hack MLM, a producer to a podcast called, “Secret MLM Hacks,' AND an MLM Upline himself. Yes, folks, he made his fortune in funnels and MLM! And THAT is what makes Steve so exciting to learn about. He has mastered a process that the MLM industry hadn't even thought to allow their Reps to do!

What Is He Teaching?

Basically, Steve is teaching and driving one main point (with many many gold nuggets in between) Automating systems so that you have the time freedom you need to build other businesses… also to expand your network outside of friends and family so that you are gaining a team under you that is hustling FOR you – you aren't begging them to get off their toosh to do some sales (you know you have a downline like that).

Within the course, members are learning how to: build attractive offers, get free traffic, automate your lead generation, close sales, become and attractive character for your business, AND how to orchestrate a business without having to play each role in a one man team.

All of this and more is offered for FREE to Steve's Downline in the MLM he's in. Note: People not in his downline pay upwards of 3K for this course! So- guess what I did? You guessed it! I joined his down line to put this course to the test and really see how hands on his downline and team members are with one another.

I have to say, so far- it has been life changing. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on sales and marketing- and STILL I was over delivered in value on the Hack MLM course- no only did I get new concepts and techniques introduced to me that are relevant for TODAY.. but it was laid out in a way that made sense and the pieces all deliberately built on top of each other so that I wasn't having to do double work in my set up process.

Where Can I get More Info On Steve Larsen's Downline?

Steve's Downline and the MLM we are in has been pretty hush hush for many reasons- but mainly because we want to recruit the cream of the crop marketers that are hungry for change in their business. We also want to put people in the team that will serve them best. I chose to serve my military spouse and nomadic entrepreneurs for this very reason and why I don't talk about my MLM systems to just ANYONE. But, to learn more about what we are doing, the team he has on board and creating testimonies, and what MLM he is actually servicing- You can watch this presentation.

Want MORE Info on How it All Works and Who You'll be Working With?

Schedule A Call or Contact Me Here

When all of your questions are answered and you are ready to take action and jump in on this new and exciting way of recruiting-I have set up a special offer just for my you (as a thank you for reading this far) HERE!

When Should I Join?

This is a very loaded question! I don't know your situation or how willing or able you are to work at this so here is the information I feel you need before you decide when to join.

#1 Steve's system will work on its own through manually networkings and outreach but a big propeller in all of this and the biggest asset he offers is a done for you click funnel that will automate your lead generation process. The clickfunnel requires its own membership account and you can start with a two week free trial…. but be wise about your timing!

#2 You will need to spend money if accepted in the application process of joining the downline…. the promoters packages cost anywhere from 37-1500 USD. Obviously, the higher the cost, the product you have to sell on hand. So really- you need ot make sure you have a good working plan on how you will be recruiting, selling, and engaging in the MLM side of things. You'll also have a minimum sales volume to uphold on the product side.

#3 How much time do you have to commit? In all honesty, if you are not willing to really buckle down and put the time and money needed to make this thing a proper business – then this opportunity is NOT for you! Pease don't join out of desperation for money for next week's bill that is due. It takes time to set up, establish, and master.. the coursework itself is broken down into 30 days (you can complete it much faster but there is a reason it's paced for 30 days).

Why Join?

The number one reason I joined was to have direct experience with one of the greatest marketers in the industry. The vast knowledge and expertise gave me a confidence that I would not have otherwise gotten from another business model. I truly believe that a successful business has to know how to market and sell- otherwise there is no business! So- to hone my skills, offer my spouses another creative work at home option, and to put Steve to the test I decided to take the plunge.

Steve is basically doing all of the heavy lifting! He is getting traffic, educating his potential audiences, and creating buzz online with his podcast already- all we have to do as his downline is capture a portion of that traffic for ourselves through different marketing strategies and selling tools that you will learn from Hack MLM.


All in all, this is a great system and course that will help you get to a place of passive income. It is also a great course that will help you build authority and branding. There are various marketing, publishing, and sales techniques that you can apply to various industries.

I personally, have received so much value from Steve and his team. Everyone has been over the moon excited for me in my journey and we all challenge each other and hold each other accountable when there is action that needs to be taken. The sense of community, the valuable knowledge, and the love of MLM excites me in my professional growth journey- and I hope it will do the same for you.

How Can I Get Started FAST?

Step One:

Join Here.

Step Two:

Screen shot your MLM Account info  email it to

hello@milspomillionaire.com to expedite your freebies.

Step Three:

Dominate Your Day!




**As always, I love positive feedback and hearing about your experiences! Comment below with any questions or discussion about this topic! I love to hear from you guys and think it's important to build a supportive community in any way that I can.””

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