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Welcome! This 21 Day Launch was designed for busy stay at home moms to FAST START their work from home business YES! Including MLM. In this challenge you will go through 21 days of business building and marketing tasks that will start and scale your business efficiently and quickly.  Be sure to subscribe to our email list by clicking the button below so you can gain access to your 21 Day Fast Launch. We are so excited to work with you on your online business and can’t wait to get to know you better

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Not Sure on the Best Way to Get Started???

To Receive Exclusive Bonuses, A Dedicated Team, & Support, Just Follow These Simple Steps to Hit the Ground Running…

Step #1 – Apply to Join My MLM Downline

    • Watch This presentation FIRST To See If You'll Be A Good Fit For Our Team. 
      • The MilSpo Millionaire Project has joined forces with one of the best internet marketers in the industry by joining his down line and MLM team.
      • Stephen Larsen is a world-renowned funnel builder and protege to Russell Brunson (CEO of Clickfunnels) and we are so blessed to be able to gain a working knowledge from having access to his courses and training for free (as a member of our team you'll get the same exact training and tools that were given to us).
      • Not only has Stephen set us up for success, but he has revolutionized the MLM industry by bringing automation to lead generation techniques. Gone are the days of home parties and bugging friends and family, unless of course, that's what you prefer.

Step #2 – Follow These Podcasts & Subscribe To Learn More:

    • The MilSpo Millionaire Project | Secret MLM Hacks Radio | Sales Funnel Radio 
      • All of these podcasts are free to join and packed with value. The MilSpo Millionaire will publish soon and our mission with this channel is to educate spouses on different business models they can use to accomplish their entrepreneurial goals.
      • You'll be able to follow my journey and watch me build the blog and community from A to Z in this Podcast.
      • If you are looking for more advanced training in marketing in sales, Stephen has two podcasts dedicated specifically to funnel building and MLM.
      • I highly recommend listening to either or all every day to stay motivated, up to date, and informed.

 Step #3 – Get Access to The Courses I've Compiled For You:

    • Generate Leads | Claim Your FREE DotCom Secrets Book  | Free Optin Course
      • All of these courses are accessible through the Clickfunnel's platform. Clickfunnels is an extensive platform that teaches business owners how to deliver their sales message to their audience.
      • If you join through my link you'll get the added MilSpo Exclusives as soon as you email a snapshot of your order to me the email is hello@milspomillionaire.com Please put in the subject line “claim my bonus.”
      • Dotcom Secrets is a must-read for our MLM team. Not only will it help you understand why we are learning what we are learning, but it will help you understand how to apply to other areas of your business more effectively.

 Step #4 – Get The Right Network Marketing Training You Need:

    • Grab Your FREE Network Marketing Secrets Book Here
      • I feel like this book is a no brainer for any MLMer out there but it is a MANDATORY READ for our team. Everything in this book will accelerate your efforts in team building and put it on autopilot for you. That way you can focus on sales calls and product sales.
      • Don't wait too long this book is only free + shipping for a limited time.
      • If you plan on building a huge team like myself, i suggest buying multiple copies to hand out to your team as a welcome gift or book club material.


 Step #5 – Join My MilSpo Millionaire Group And Community:

    • Facebook | Youtube | Instagram
      • You know how much I LOVE connecting.
      • Share your story, connect with others and keep each other motivated.
      • It is my first and foremost mission to offer support to all of my readers, but especially my team. Post in our groups and pages about your successes so we can cheer you on to greater heights.





Wait, Not So Fast! Not Ready To Launch An MLM?

Is running an MLM a little intimidating? Or, is it just not right for you? I get it, It took me 3 tries to get it RIGHT. I strongly encourage everyone starting in the entrepreneur space to sign on with an MLM and build it into a business that is automated and here is why…

A network marketing company that is established and in a growth phase can be an extremely valuable asset both financially and educationally. Most companies offer free training and marketing material and there is very little overhead if any to get started as a representative. You are basically paying the MLM to run and operate the retail aspect of your business while you learn and earn the key skills needed to truly thrive online: marketing and sales.

But, if it's not your cup of tea-

That's Okay…

If you don't want to be a part of My amazingly awesome downline… but you still love our cause and want to contribute to our community and the content we publish then keep reading!

We Regularly Hire


Whether you’re a retailer or a publisher, affiliate marketing, like anything in the digital marketing world, is nearly a necessity in today's online space. With more sophisticated software around ad blocking, affiliate marketing has become the crutch for big companies.  As an affiliate, you get the revenue stream without the need to expend masses of effort or money. You simply advertise our products and services for a commission- and wash and repeat. Easy Peasy! No need to apply for this position as we are launching our Affiliate Program through Clickfunnel's Backpack Did I mention that we payout 35% commission on any product or service offered through MilSpo Affiliate Program? AND you'll get 5% from all of your referrals' consequential sign-ups.

Blog & Social Media Content Creators

We LOVE guest posts, ghostwriters, social media content creators- you write- we LOVE! However, because high-value content is SO important for our audience and the growth of our blog, we do have some super high expectations. We ask all of our writers to research, write, and SEO optimize their articles before submission. Although we do extensive optimization and editing on our end, your writing should be ready to publish as-is. The better your writing, the more work you will get! Articles must be trending, relevant, and well researched. IMPORTANT: We do not accept articles any shorter than 2000 words for blog posts.

Google, Pinterest, Insta & Facebook Ad Managers

If you are savvy with numbers, get great ROI on your ad spend, and can split test with content and sales copy that has been compiled for other projects, then we want you on our team! MilSpo Millionaire is a very new blog and still relies on ads for a good portion of our traffic. It is our mission to have ads that reflect our brand and identity while delivering clear and concise messages to potential buyers. Integrity is a big thing for us and we will not accept any ads that misrepresent our product or brand.

Graphic Designers

When we hire out for Graphic Design work we like to stay consistent and true to our company style. It is important that all contractors assigned to designing media look through our content and media kit to fully understand what look and mood we want to project to our clients. 2+ years of experience is preferred and a long term working relationship will be offered to top performers.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are the backbone of our business. We rely on professionals to do the day to day operations of posting content, customer support, email answering, excel file work, and project management. If you are a multi-tasker that likes to work with a client base that is passionate about their work and business then please send your CV and resume our way! We are always looking for good talent!

How To Apply For An Independent Contractor Position

If you'd like to apply to contract as a freelancer in any of the above-mentioned categories, simply email your CV & resume to the following email: hello@milspomillionaire.com. In the subject line please include Name, Position, Date.

Subject Line Example: Jane Doe, Graphic Design, 1/1/2020

After you send the email,  a confirmation email will be sent from us within 24 hours of receipt. Please be prepared for a 15-30 minute video conference interview should we decide to proceed with your application.

All positions are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTS, which means that you own and operate your own business and will be treated as such within the company. You will not be employed by MilSpo Millionaire and therefore, not eligible for Paid Time Off, Salary. Insurance, and other common employee benefits.

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