Hey Spouses! Today we are talking on the network marketing business model and how you can position yourself as a network marketer- collecting passive income from a home-based business, no matter where military life takes you. My fellow MLM Victor and Melaleuca Guru is Aileen Boone. She is a US Air Force Vet Gone “MLM Victor” that has shared her story in hopes to ignite the passion and drive in others to do the same for themselves. You'll get some really great MLM start-up tips along the way!

Aileen's Story & Why Opening Her Own Melaleuca MLM Business Was The Right Choice For Her Military Life.

Aileen: My name's Aileen Boone. I'm a retired Air Force Physical Therapist. My husband is still active duty, so I'm still a dependent spouse. I retired in 2007  and about three years after that, I was looking for something to do from home.

My kids were in middle school when I answered an ad saying, “Need a plan B?… Melaleuca Wellness Rep.” The ad was  in a newspaper. So, I answered back by call the Melaleuca Network Marketing Rep. We got to talking, she showed me a webinar- and it was a company that I had been a customer with 15 years ago. So I knew, that this was something that was right up my alley, and my wheelhouse.

Melaleuca was all about health and wellness and keeping people balanced. So I jumped right in and signed up with a a Melaleuca Marketing Partner. I haven't stopped sharing my MLM Business with others since. I've been with Melaleuca for seven years and Four assignments: Illinois, Virginia, Nebraska, now Texes. We're in, in San Antonio right now.

The name of our MLM Company is strange, but Melaleuca is actually the name for tea tree oil. It's an essential oil that's a solvent and antiseptic in various products. 35 years ago they started with eight products and now they have 500 products that are all safer and better for us. And many of them are patented.

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What Does An MLM Business Look Like For A Military Spouse?

Tell me a little bit about the structure of your MLM home business. Is it  direct sales? Do you have to recruit team members?

Aileen: So, it's considered a consumer direct marketing business. So, we do advertise and market for Melaleuca. I don't do physical direct sales, so I don't sell anything door to door. I bring people to the website and show them that there's a better option. Melaleuca has better, safer, products and you can get them just as easily as walking to your a big box store by ordering online.

There is a residual income component with this MLM. As I enroll customers (and 80% of the people are just customers and that's why the business works) I gain commission from each order. The nice part is that my consumers are already buying this stuff. They're already buying these common products at big box companies. So, as I enroll people, I get a percentage of what they buy every month. The other side to this is that I build a team and then I get a little percentage from my Melaleuca Market Partners that sign on under me as well. Right now, I have about 300 people shopping. Those people will shop every month. The MLM offers a residual component to your monthly shoppers as well.

How long did it take you to really get established in your business?

Aileen: Well, so as you enroll people, you get a commission so they pay commission. So, my first check was $1,000 and then every month since then I've made a check between 5$00  and $1,000.

SELF PROCLAIMED MLM JUNKIE (Rachel) SIDE NOTE: It sounds like it's pretty easy to scale an MLM with multiple sources of income. And this is true for any top-performing MLM company that you join. As long as you put the work in, in the marketing aspect, you're going to get a return on your investment.



Why Is Melaleuca The Better Option?

To the people that are a bit skeptical about the efficacy or that way of living, what would you tell them? Or, How would you tell them that Melaleuca is a better option and that it is something that is going to give you long-lasting wellness in the longterm.

Aileen: Good question. Something a lot of people don't know is that in World War II, they carried Tea Tree Oil. The soldiers carried Tea Tree Oil as an antiseptic. It's something that works, and for many years it was sought after. And then the American medical association came in and started making synthetic type things to replace the oils. Now, companies like Melaleuca are bringing it to the forefront again and they are coming back to consumership and even funding for more studies being done on essential oils.

You do want to have a good product. Not all oils are made the same. So you do have to kind of look for pure and high quality oils when you're diffusing or using them often. But there is a lot of great research coming out that supports Melaleuca's mission for wellness.


What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Successful Network Marketer?

For those that might be interested in affiliating with your company or being a Network Marketer in general, what, what type of advice would you give them starting up so that, you know, if somebody is going from zero experience with zero computer skills and they need to make money fairly quickly, what are the main skills that would ramp them up quickly in your company?

Aileen:  The only real qualifications you need is to be 18+ and with internet access and a working device to work from. The great thing about our company is in your free training and free websites, and we walk with people as they're doing it. So we're kind of a mouse in the pocket. We train on how to approach people and we really build relationships with people and find out what their need is and how Melaleuca can help them.

Melaleuca has been in business for 35 years. They're debt-free. The products are U.S. made in Idaho falls- they have 500 products- So they've got a great big distribution center. Which means you don't need to be savvy on purchasing, buying for inventory or any of that- its all fulfulled local to US.


What Have You Learned From Your MLM Business Within Melaleuca?

When you first started your business what have you learned from it coming from an employment position, being retired Air Force and then going into an entrepreneurship role? What have you learned that has completely changed your life going forward outside of the employment lifestyle?

Aileen: Well you have to be self motivated, get up and get going. I would also say you have to let things roll off your back. You know, you would get a lot of “nos” or people that don't want to talk to you. But when you find somebody that's really looking for this type of lifestyle and wanting prevention and trying to get off of medicines, then it's a blessing and you know, you're doing the right thing because you're helping people that want to be helped.


What Resources Are Out There To Get Into Stable Income Fairly Quickly In The MLM Space?

When you're starting your entrepreneurship in the MLM space, going from a very strict employment position that the military gives you and having so much freedom, you often get overwhelmed and you don't know how to manage that time freedom. So the motivation aspect is extremely important. But, are there resources out there that can help potential Melaleuca Network Marketers get to your $500 to $1,000 a month pretty quickly?

Aileen: Oh, good, good question. In good words. It really depends on the person and how passionate they are and how big their “why.” That's a lot of it. If you've got a strong “why,” then you're going to work hard to get in front of people. You know, it's a matter of getting in front of people. I do networking groups, I place ads, things like that. And, if you're coachable, then, Melaleuca (or whatever MLM Company You choose to go to- MOST have their own Training) will coach you on how to do it and you can go off and certainly build a big business.

I've been able to pay for my daughter's college education, four years of college education. So a lot of multi level marketing companies have our pricing on our products reasonably priced so it's an easy sale when you connect and market the right way. Also, in my MLM, once people purchase better, safer products in their homes, they really like sticking with it and everybody's shopping online now- so the trust is there.

Aileen makes some really great points here. Any MLM company you choose will have an essential done for you path to take. You'll receive standard training on the company and product, and the right upline will teach you how to market and reach your client base.  I, Rachel Herrera, am a self-proclaimed MLM junkie.

My first three years of entrepreneurship was trying to figure out which MLM worked for me best and how to market myself. Because with MLM, everything is basically done for you and all you have to worry about is the skill of marketing and connecting with people.

In my experience, that is the most valuable skill for any business owner to learn: how to connect with people and bring that loyalty into your business. By bridging those transactions and creating them in a relational way, you will increase you authority, your trust, and your repeat business. This brings me to the next question…


How Do You Connect With Your MLM Team & Melaleuca Customers?

With your MLM experience, have you seen physical opportunities where you could connect with other people in your company or do they have meetup groups or conferences that they do annually?

Aileen: Well, in January Melaleuca does and annual launch where they show new products and do master level trainings. SWe just had that here in San Antonio and it was great. I didn't have to travel. In may, they have a big convention in Salt Lake City, where a lot of MLMs and Network Marketing Businesses have their conventions.

Melaleuca has what is called leadership celebrations every month in different cities. When I was in Illinois, I was able to go to that monthly leadership conference. It depends on where you are, if there's somebody that hosts it, but for those out of area we have weekly zoom meetings and trainings. That worked great.

For your potential customers, the best way to build relationships with your customers is to find where they hang out on Facebook. Get involved in online communities. Ask questions to the groups and get to really understand your ideal customer. By knowing them, and nurturing them in a relational way, they will start to seek you out for resources and solutions in that topic.

When your potential customers become loyal customers its nice to check in on them every so often. Good, professional customer service goes a long way. People like to be acknowledged for their contribution to your business so a great way to continue nurturing the customer journey is by simply communicating with them.

The power of connection is so amazing. You'd be surprised how productive and receptive a customer you can be when you have the right support system around you. And getting to know your market and the pain points that are common in your market can really equipt you to witness a longer customer journey from your sign-ups.


Who Could I Work As A Network Marketer?

Who Would Be The Best Fit For Melaleuca?

Aileen: Let's see. You really only have to be over 18 & have internet access. So that's really any qualifications for building a network marketing business. I'm really looking for people to join Melaleuca that are health minded and have a strong why- where they have the passion for helping other people.

You don't have to be a personal trainer or really fit to do it, just that you have a servant heart and you want to help people feel better. I'm a physical therapist and that's what I've done.

I think women do well in Network Marketing too. We're all nurturers.  So I think there's a lot of women that do the MLM business model well.

Couples even tend to start and perform well in MLM home businesses even better because you now have two people doing the work= double the income.

Multi Level Marketing with any company is a business model  that you need a strong why to push you forward. Those are the people that do really well in this space.If you are an extrovert you'll tend to do it with a little more ease.

Don't worry if you aren't an introvert though- It's all a mindset thing for introverts. I think once you get past your self-limiting beliefs, it becomes a lot easier to accept it. Giving yourself time & space to recover from being exhausted is huge for your success as an introvert in MLM.  As an introvert, I know the feeling of being exhausted and overwhelmed in crowds and networking constantly. So, for me, I know I have to schedule in self-care time and that's really important for my network marketing business.

I also cheat a little and use click funnels to automate my leads! 😉 See my post here on that if you're an introvert. Just Knowing your why will push you through those anxious moments though- so keep going fellow Intra!


What Is Aileen's Why For Her Home-Based MLM Business?

What drives you to do what you're doing through Melaleuca and maintaining a position as a network marketer?

Aileen: I guess, like I said, I really like helping people. That's the biggest thing. My why here in the next two years is going to be when my husband retires, our income drops. So, I would like to be able to kind of replace that so we can continue to stay at the same level of living currently.

The good thing about MLM, especially with a very established one, like Melaleuca is there's no cap, there's no limit. As long as you're working and putting the effort in, you have unlimited income potential. And in the MLMs that I've been a part of, there was not a rule that said: “you get X amount of dollars and that's it- you're gone.”

You indefinitely get your commission for whatever sales you make through your network marketing efforts. And that's a really appealing thing for most entrepreneurs. That's the reason why I tell my students to start with MLM- get the training to market and become an affiliate that can passively create income for themselves so that you can spend your time in other projects or other passions.

The most important thing to do when looking for an MLM to join is to see how the commission structure works. Where is the most bang for your buck in regard to your efforts and the payout.

Aileen: The thing with Melaleuca, most of the company is built on shoppers. It's not built on building teams. It's built on people who actually buy, 80% of the people are loyal shoppers. And that's what makes this model sustainable- you arent relying on the performance of just your team sales- you can create consistent inome through your own efforts.


What Type of Clients Do I Work With When I Sign Up For Melaleuca As A Market Partner?

Can you think of a client that maybe has touched your heart or has been affected by your servitude in a way that has changed you in the way you practice your MLM business within Melaleuca?

Aileen: Some of my first customers were cancer survivors. So they are really looking for our product. Even the oncologists tell their patients, “You don't want any parabens in your products.” Parabens are estrogen producing, and  a lot of breast cancers are caused from excess estrogen. So those people are just so thankful.

Then I had another team builder who had blood cancers. So when he, blood cancer treatment. And he just, his whole life changed. He changed everything out. He started eating clean. I mean once he learned about our product he completely transformed.

A lot of what we do is education, cause not everybody knows what Melaleuca is or does.


What Type Of Products Would I Promote With Melaleuca?

With products in mind, what is one product you would recommend for a starter to begin using or as a network marketer that you might suggest to promote?

Aileen: Melaleuca has a renew lotion that really helps people with eczema. If you have customers who have skin issues, really dry issues. I would say that's a great one to start with. It has the tea tree oil in it.

If you have gut issues there is a fiber supplement. I drink their fiber every morning. It's got, um, 12 grams of fiber and it's got peppermint and fennel and you just a lot of gut healing things in it. So that's something I don't go without every day.

If you're a mom with little kids that scribble markers on their, their um, furniture and walls, then they have a great spot room that just takes that stuff right off.

I would just say a lot of products are coming out via direct sale and MLM. Which is great because it gives us all an opportunity to create felxible income with tnetwork marketing. It really works well when we move. I just really try to market to my fellow military spouses because every time you move you, you don't lose your position and you can actuall expand your reach and network.

You can actually add to your MLM business because you're meeting new people and networking is a big part of it.



Network Marketing With Melaleuca

Okay, so for those of you that have kids or a busy life and don't want to read each and every detail. Or, you simply are one of those people that skip to the back of the book 😉 I get it, I'm one too.  Here is the gist of what Aileen has to say:

  • Qualifications- All you really need to start an MLM is the capital investment required by the company (your buy-in). Must be 18+ and with a working device that has internet access that's it! The rest is included in the cost of joining the company.
  • WHY MLM- If you do MLM the right way from day one, not only do you typically qualify for a fast start bonus, but you are actually building a business that can offer passive income once you put your systems in place. Residual income from repeat orders of your customers and the sales of your downline can add up quickly and you'll be able to sustain the growth of your business with an even keel moving forward- lending you more time and energy toward other projects and passions.
  • WHY Melaleuca- If you're into health and wellness, you have a passion for holistic living and cleaner environments. Then Melaleuca sounds like it would be a great place to start your own MLM business. For more details contact Aileen or go to her site.
  • YOUR Why- It's important to stay motivated and have the drive to keep going. YES. you will get a lot of No's and a ton of avoidance online. But, if you keep going and working for your customer in a way that is relational and nourishing- your business will grow 10x and with very little turnover.
  • Act from a place of servitude- You'll hear a lot about this from me in the next coming months. Your business will not flourish is your customers see greed and desperation. It is your job to solve a problem they have, be emotionally invested in their well being, come from a place of authenticity. The online world is full of ads and we have been conditioned to bypass most of them. The only long-lasting way to build a following that truly WANTS what you have is to be as vulnerable and as helpful as possible. Give value and the reciprocity will come.

Intrigued? Listen to The Full Podcast Episode Here:

Where To Find Aileen's Info And How You Can Join Her Melaleuca MLM Team

Aileen: We have a website. It's um, www.changingourlife.com/Aileen. You can certainly email me at ABForgiven@Gmail.com.  My phone number is 618-946-3897 and if you're in the San Antonio area, I'm on the San Antonio Moms Military Spouses Group.

Are You Recruiting?

YES! If you feel like you can offer value to our team please join our team and let's change lives together.




If you have any questions or comments about MLM or Melaleuca in general, feel free to use the comments section in this article to ask your questions or offer insight.


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