How to Stay Motivated While Working at Home & Building an Online Business

I don't know about you all, but when I work from home- I tend to get distracted with house chores, kids, life in general and my work time becomes daunting and full of lack luster. If you don’t maintain passion in your business (and life in general), then your business is not going to last very long. When running an online business more passion is necessary for success, especially if you are working on a blog. You will need far more passion compared to other business models as the responsibility is all on you and you can’t rely on anybody else to get the job done. Well, not until your following is large enough to have a team anyway. So here are some simple hacks for keeping the passion in your work (and life).

Change Things Up

Every successful business has innovated its way to success. It is not possible to succeed while keeping the same business model all the way through. Being willing to change the business will have two main advantages. First, it could deliver a positive return on investment and bring more traffic to your site. Second, it will actually stimulate your passion. Venturing out into new uncharted territory is what makes business exciting. It allows you to meet people you wouldn't otherwise meet and speak to people that wouldn't otherwise hear from you.  You can get creative with how you expand your business by adapting and innovating the parts of your business that need a little TLC. Just know that, building an online business can be fun and creative, though most people can lose their passion and let the business get the better of them.

Have a Clear Focus

You started the business for a reason. Remember your why and continuously work towards it- when that why is achieved, find a NEW why. Keep pushing. Keep growing. The reason you started this business was the fulfillment of a specific desire, most likely a figure sum or a house on a tropical island (dream a little here). Keep focusing on this vision and it can get you through the tough times when passion levels are low. I personally use a vision board and have pictures of my goals that I can focus on daily. I pass by my vision board every day and I take a moment to focus on those goals and imagine how life will be when I achieve those goals. Currently I am working on getting a state of the art equine property where I can run a horse therapy campus for foster children.

Review your goals regularly and constantly visualize where you want to end up in the future. It's okay for goals to change- just stay focused on your vehicle and how you will get to those amazing- audacious goals.  If you keep working on basic mundane tasks instead of looking at the big dreams, then you will never move from away from the daily struggle and that is where most check out and quit on their small biz.

Relax, Outsource, and Automate

One of the main reasons that online business owners lose their passion is that they get bogged down in difficult issues including workflow management. There is an easy way to deal with this common problem. You should use freelancers and automation tools to do the boring tasks for you, such as email marketing or social media posting. It is necessary to learn to be the conductor of your orchestra and not playing each instrument in the band.

So many entrpreneurs pride themselves in being a jack of all trades- but really- that makes you work IN your business and not ON it. And if you want to enjoy your time and keep the passion… you need time away. You need to be able to step away from your business and look at it with an objective eye. It's much easier to do this when you aren;t the one fulfilling all the roles at all times. You will be  free to focus on the aspects of a business that you are really passionate about. Consider that other people might be passionate about the things that you hate, and are willing to do them for a good price. And in turn, you are keeping your sanity.

You should also remember to take frequent rest and vacations. There is no point in working too hard, as you will just burn yourself out over the long-term. My “me” day is wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I go horse riding at Barrow Hall Stables in the UK (If you are ever near the Cambridge area- i LOVE this stable and so will you). I unplug from the world, turn off my phone, and ride for as long as I can (until I have to pick up kids from school that is). The connection to nature and the time to decompress has encouraged creativity and deeper thinking. You see, everybody needs rest, regardless of their goals or enthusiasm levels.

All in all, the biggest preventor of burn out is Passion! If you can find a way to slow it down.. do more things that bring you joy- and then return to your work re energized and refreshed- It'll then make your business (and personal) life so much more productive and enjoyable. In fact, I challenge you to find something you can do every day or week that will bring you more energy and more abundance. Then, come back and tell me all about it!

Happy Hustlin'!

Rachel H.

P.S. I also love going for Tea Time here in UK – makes me feel proper and fancy 😉

P.P.S. If you want to see what tools I use in my day to day tasks to help me have more time for my passions, check out the resources page on the main site.

**As always, if you have any insight or questions on any blog article- Simply, comment below and let me know how I can help. I love getting positive feedback and welcome any questions that could offer support or clarification on the topic. Have a blessed day and I hope you’re crushing your goals!**






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Rachel Herrera

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