How To Outsource Your Way to Financial Freedom

Outsourcing has become an important trend in the last decade. Now that industries are on line and looking for the competitive edge in all areas, it's becoming much easier to find skilled workers willing to pick up project based positions. While it is not an easy shortcut to the top, it is definitely something that all freelancers and online business owners need to take on board. The benefits are numerous and there are low-cost outsourcing agencies available that can deliver high-quality work with a quick turnaround. If you want to learn more about the outsourcing agencies I recommend, go to this article on “Why You Should Hire An SEO Freelancer.”

Get Clear About What You Want

The first step to outsourcing is to get clear about what you need to get done. There are many tasks you can outsource and many professionals willing to specialize in a scope of skills that you might necessarily see as something you want to master skills in. For example, I love the creative aspect of writing my blogs. However, I am not technical at all and don't care to learn the intricacy of algorithms or complicated search engine formulas. So, I decided early on to outsource tasks like SEO and website visibility so that I can craft my skills in creative design and writing.

You need to identify what you are good at and what needs to be outsourced, as well as what you are willing to pay to get the task completed. I suggest compiling a list of all of your daily tasks. Give yourself an hourly rate and add up how many hours each task will take you to do. Now, calculate the hourly rate and decide from there if it is worth your time to do the task or if it is worth the money to find someone else to do it. This will make it easier to decide what you need done first AND it will help when you need to communicate your needs with outsourcing agents as there will be fewer communication difficulties. This will also mean that you can outsource what you hate doing and do more of what you love to do- which reinforces my theory on keeping passion in your work (See the Article, “How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home” here).

Outsource the Most Important Things First

Now that you made a list of items needing to get down with a project budget attached to it (you're hourly x the number of hours it takes you to finish the task) you have a pretty good idea on what tasks are most important to off load. As my mentor, Alyssa J Dillon says, “ALWAYS GET YOUR MONEY MAKING TASKS DONE FIRST.” There is no need to give your freelancer busy work that won't give you a return on investment. There are most likely tasks that you really need to do but are afraid that you are not competent enough to do them properly i.e. HTML work or any techy stuff that you don't love to do or didn't go to school for. This leads to procrastination.

Many first time bloggers and business owners can put off sales and marketing because they don’t know how to do them effectively. This is a huge mistake! Sales and marketing is your pipeline to money and there is no excuse to not have a sales and marketing team now a days!  There are many companies and freelancers who are excellent at marketing and sales that are willing to step in and focus solely on that for you- and likely will get better results for you.

There are also paid advertising options available as well as alternative marketing methods- but honestly, I would suggest hiring those tasks out too unless you are amazing at sales copy and creatives that entice buyers to click and buy. anyway, because so many people are afraid of marketing, they don’t do it. And then the inevitable stunt before you even launch happens. Instead, as stated before,  outsource these tasks to people who specialize in them. Your revenue will increase as you focus on what you are good at and you'll likely find some great business partners for future projects.

Establish a Network of Long-Term Relationships

Freelancers are great at doing a variety of tasks, from customer support to SEO to content creation. But sometimes there are communication difficulties and the freelancer is not a good fit for the role. This can waste considerable resources. Interviewing and hiring freelancers takes time, and you will also have to bring them up to speed on job specifications. Even if the freelancer has a good rating, they may not be able to complete the job for various reasons. This is why it is important to build relationships with freelancers so you can hire them on an ad hoc basis as needed. You know the quality of their work and that they can be relied on to complete it within the specified time period.

So, here is what I do to weed out the duds when looking for good freelancers. On, you can set up contests for freelancers. You set a prize as an added bonus to the person who wins the bid. The cool thing about the contest function is that you can actually give live feedback to the submissions so that new contestants can revise the work and refine the criteria you need done- this works really well for design work. Not only is it a fun competitive element, but it also give designers the opportunity to get a clearer picture on what you expect and the standard of work you are looking for. You can grab a 20.00 credit on your first order if you use my link to freelancer here.

Once you learn to effectively outsource your tasks, the scalability of your business will speed up dramatically. And believe me when I say, Speed is the most valuable asset in the online world. I am so convinced that I wouldn't have gotten to $20k months in sales on my Amazon platform without the ability to find the right talent to help me ramp up quickly. Not only did I have the man power to work 24/7, but I built a loyal team that was willing to go above and beyond once they saw the stability in our sales and the bonuses I was able to give them from their hard work on my store.

I'm curious to hear about other experiences in regard to outsourcing as it pertains to the financial freedom they have achieved. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Happy Hustlin'!

Rachel H

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