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Hello. Welcome to my blog! I am so excited you found me and I hope the information you get from this blog helps you find creative ways to build your online business & become a resilient, adaptive, and resourceful business owner. Before we get into the bulk of the entrepreneurship tips and advice, I wanted to give you a little insight on my personal experience by sharing a little bit about me and my family.


My name is Rachel. I am a mother of three and a foster mom to many others (13 to be exact). Our foster parenting journey began before our biological parenting journey did. In fact, my oldest was a foster child in our home for 18 months before we were blessed enough to be called his parents for life.

Shortly after we consummated the adoption to our oldest, we were blessed to deliver a baby girl into the world. The two grew to be the best of friends, only 15 months apart. And, 5 years after that, our youngest came along and we shortly moved to the UK after he was born.


In the midst of parenthood and the constant lack of support and moving houses (due to being military), I became exhausted looking for employment every time our lives shifted. Some places wouldn't even hire me because they said I was over qualified to work there- yet, there were no other positions that I could fill in the economy. So, I began my entrepreneurship journey.

I worked from home since 2009 and decided to help other military spouses do the same in a virtual call center platform. I grew this platform to 22 agents and in 2017 (my youngest was born AND we got orders to the UK) my life flipped upside down. I wasn't able to bring my business with me because of international laws, and I wouldn't be able to work overseas for any substantial amount. So- I went back to the drawing board and went on a search for a truly “military life” proof business.



Needless to say, I have experienced many military related challenges in business: learning obstacles, scalability concerns, different personalities to hire and work with, and some really weird interactions that I would have never thought I’d find myself in (I once had a contractor say to me, “We don’t DO online retail here,” and it gets so much weirder).

I have attended countless workshops for my business growth. I have participated in hundreds of events, webinars, and personal development seminars, etc.

You name it, I’ve done it- 10 fold- in regard to entrepreneurship and special circumstances. Hopefully, my experience and extensive research over the last few years will be useful to you and your circumstance. To discover the current tools and courses that I personally use in my own business,  checkout the resources page of this site.



As mentioned before, I am currently living in the UK with my husband, son (Daniel), daughter (Aidah), and son (Ethan). Before relocating to the UK, I had built a business to 50K annually. I dabbled in Amazon sales when we first moved here and scaled quickly to 20K months in sales.

Each business decision has impacted our life in a way that no one can really describe, the growth and wisdom gained through the experience of helping other businesses and ourselves has prepared us to be more patient, productive, and motivated to serve our military spouses in a very unique way.

After 10 years of the work from home game, Our family has made it our mission to help others while in the UK, and the universe insists that I personally stay involved in keeping our military spouses excited about their financial independence and personal/business development- somehow.



So, after finding my church and attending sermons for a few weeks, I was reintroduced to a local (to the UK) foster agency that is in the midst of beginning a campaign with our church to host support services to foster families that are beginning their journey. Did I mention that I fostered 13 kiddos when we were stateside?

Anyway, I am blessed enough to be a part of this launch – I am learning how non profits scale and recruit, how they outreach in their community, how they train and educate their audience. During my time here and I hope to learn and grow in the sector exponentially so that I can bring this same concept to my military spouses to help them achieve their business goals. Plus, a personal goal of mine is to bring the foster care side of this to the states when we move back.

My ultimate dream would be to combat the outrageously high unemployment rate in the military spouse community AND find a home for every foster child in care so that they aren’t exposed to shelters, half way homes, or orphanages. That would be a hybrid of my two passions fused together in the most ideal circumstance.

I have some pretty big and audacious goals of my own and one is to start my own community that will host a unique platform for our one of a kind community of spouses- and the endless services and support they need in regard to their unique circumstance.



Ultimately, this blog was created with my own military life experience and all of our extenuating circumstances in mind: in hopes to offer support and solutions that we did not receive at the beginning of our journey.

ALL Military families have a very big thing in common. We all face a lot of transition, change, moving around, absent parents, and uncertainty in new life/circumstance.

I have found some tools, mindset techniques, and business strategies that have helped me cope with the struggles of military life in general as it pertains to my business. And now, I can thrive in change and new beginnings.

This site will focus on how to build your entrepreneurial self to be resourceful, productive, resilient, and adaptive in whatever situation you are planted in.


Happy Reading! XOXO,

Rachel Herrera, M.S. Psy

Founder of The MilSpo Millionaire Project


P.S. I welcome discussion and any relevant experiences in the comments section of my blog. So please, feel free to comment, share, and start discussions so that we can build an amazing community of military spouses and nomadic entrepreneurs.


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