7 Reasons Why Your Should Start An Online Business

Setting up and online business is becoming known as the best way to achieve success quickly. We are in pivotal time in all industries where big corporation are automating assembly lines, human labor is required in less positions, and people are turning to online work to sustain their new mobile lifestyles. Gone are the days of the traditional nine to five job, where pensions come with every corporate job. Using other models outside of online business often involves more risk with longer time horizons. Brick and mortar shops are becoming more and more difficult to start up and finance and even farms are being automated with machine assembly lines and crop tending.  There are numerous advantages that an online business has over other models, and here are seven of them to consider.

#1 – It’s Cheaper

By setting up an online business, you have almost no upfront costs. Models like drop shipping, service based work, and even freelance jobs all have very low overhead if any and cost nothing but time in skill building and marketing. It is free to create a website using a service such as Wix (Although, if you are serious about making this a full time gig I would invest in a proper domain and supportive platform like Wealthy Affiliate, who hosts WordPress blogs, email, and a ton more amazing features- see my review on Wealthy Affiliate Here), and all that you pay for is hosting. In contrast, setting up a physical business requires significant expense and possibly even a loan.

#2 – It’s Easier

With online businesses, you can make heavy use of automation and software tools to make your life a whole lot easier. I did a a few article mentioning automation and outsourcing and how life is SO much less complicated when you build a supportive team around you.  You can automate email responses, social media posts, and marketing efforts. You can also let freelancers do the work for you << We mentioned this in previous blog posts as well.

As a mom og three and a military spouse with a husband that works off hours and deploys for six months at a time, I need the simplest version of a business out there. Online business is innately simple once everything is set up and in maintenance mode. I don't have to worry about carrying inventory in a store, or paying rent or utilities on a physical building. Instead, I can set up shop from anywhere in the world, offer whatever the market is demanding- and scale quickly and broadly through the power of global connection. It's a great platform to systemize and streamline as you learn the ins and outs of your industry.

#3 – It’s Open 24/7

Unlike physical businesses, online outlets are open 24/7. With proper automation, your store can process and fulfill orders while you are away. This is what attracted me initially to the online industry. As a busy mom with little down time, it was nice to know that I could put in a little bit of time here and there and still bring sales in with my automated process in place.

My website is open 24/7 and all I need to do is maintain my sales and pay attention to my customers. I am allowed more time toward the personal connection that is lost online by chatting or following up with orders by phone if I choose, or, I can hire a VA to do that for me and make my business run without me while I pack up our house for the next move.

Being open 24/7 has made me accessible to more than just my locality and that's where the power of growth is- when your reach becomes bigger and broader. Customers can purchase from your site or read your blog at all times. You can also work whenever you want, on your schedule. The site is never closed. The people you hire to complete projects can also work while you are asleep or relaxing.

#4 – The Audience is Global

As mentioned above, with an online business, people can look at your site from anywhere in the world. According to all the latest statistics, more and more people are going online for purchases. This means that you have a massive audience and many ways to reach them.

My off tangent advice is to choose ONE platform at a time- hyper focus on that one platform and move to the next as you automate the systems that you mastered in the first. Then, duplicate that system in the next platform and make the tweaks you need for that one. Reason being different localities will utilize different platforms. Forexample, I did really well on Amazon in the US but the UK demographics tend to go to Ebay more than Amazon currently in the handmade category. So, I perfected my Amazon System and duplicated it for Ebay when time came to pay attention to my UK audience.

#5 – It’s Easier to Scale

Online companies are often far easier to scale compared to physical outlets. The site capacity can be easily increased to accommodate increased traffic. You can also use paid search methods to gain traffic. And with eBooks, courses, and software products, it does not cost anything to duplicate them and keep selling. I talk about scalability often and the reason scaling is so important is because a business is meant to work for you. If your business can't scale, you will forever work in your business as a self employed employee of your own business 😉   .. no one wants that. So, in regard to scalability an online platform of any business will be more cost effective, your profit growth will allow for scalability without taking on debt or loans to support the growing pains of scaling quickly.

#6 – Speed

Online businesses can grow very rapidly with the right marketing methods. And let me tell you, if you ever need training in marketing- for the love of all things Holy, please invest in clickfunnels platinum. If not for the funnels and software, for the amazing training videos you receive with your membership. I have learned so much about marketing, building offers, using proper sales formulas, and mindset- ON TOP of the techy stuff that comes with click funnels. It truly is an amazing company with a mission to get everyone to succeed in their business should they choose to do so with a little work and hustle.

Once, it would take decades to become a millionaire or years to simply acquire a good income. But now,  it is possible to earn a good income using the online model is a respectable time frame. Some have even learned the secret behind getting to 100K months in a matter of a year. The success stories are endless and all it takes is a little training and CONSISTENCY.

#7 – Freedom and Flexibility

Online businesses are so much easier to manage as there are more options available. As a military spouse, the only solution to my financial freedom without finding entry level jobs every time we move is to find an online business model that I can do from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only does it give me freedom to work at a wage that I think is livable, but it allows me to work when and how I want. I simply set a goal and engineer my daily activities to meet that goal.

Brick and mortar companies are limited to the people in the immediate vicinity in terms of customers. And they are limited to the skills of the employees that they hire (and vice versa). With online businesses, there is more that you can do to expand the business and it is possible to hire freelancers on short term contracts. It allows for your business to be performing at optimal level at all times and keeps the added cost of employing staff out of your profitability.

Maybe I am a bit bias as it pertains to online businesses because it is what I have known for the last 14 years. Or, maybe its my lifestyle that complements the online business model. But, one thing, I can say without any doubt. The world is moving to information and technology. Gone are the days where manual labor is a job that was readily available to anyone. As machine and technology innovations release, we will see less need for industries to rely on human workforce. Being in an online business will at least secure a future for yourself as you make and create work for yourself virtually.

I love talking about this stuff and can go on forever, but I want to hear your thoughts on the matter. How do you feel about the online business model? What questions do you have if you are still on the fence? How can I help you crush your goals today?

Happy Hustlin'

Rachel H

P.S. I've gotten a lot of messages about marketing and how to effectively get started in sales and marketing… GUYS I can't recommend clickfunnels training enough- Russell Brunson has extracted billions through his skills in direct response marketing- he is the guy to learn from. You can always join my down line too if you want free support and training by being in my downline.

P.P.S. If you want to see what tools I use in my day to day tasks, check out the resources page on the main site.

**As always, if you have any insight or questions on any blog article- Simply, comment below and let me know how I can help. I love getting positive feedback and welcome any questions that could offer support or clarification on the topic. Have a blessed day and I hope you’re crushing your goals!**


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