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  • Company: 12 Minute Affiliate
  • Price: $47/mo for 1 Niche or $97/mo for 3 Niches
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: 30 Day Trial For $9.95
  • Size: Software/ Cloud Based
    • You'll need a clickbank account and Aweber to make this really work for you
  • Description: Software that will automate your affiliate links and traffic on demands
  • Benefits: Passive income once everything is set up. All You have to do is order traffic to scale.
  • Would You Recommend This Product? I will let you decide. Here are the Pros and Cons so far.

My Experience With “12-Minute Affiliate” And How You Can Learn From It…


I have personally used 12 Min. Affiliate for 21 days now. My first day was dedicated to setting up an Aweber account, clickbank account, and integrating the software to those accounts. There is a Get started guide that helps you do all this step by step- or if you just don't want to deal with the few simple steps, the company does offer a done for you service for both set up and getting traffic to you sites.

So, after signing up for all of my accounts (You can get a free trial for Aweber Here) and setting up the software I decided to pic a random premade funnel in the 12 Minute Affiliate Software to push traffic to. I ordered the smallest order of traffic to this funnel just to see how it performs and if I can actually make an ROI within my first 30 days. While I waited for traffic to get pushed to this site, I began to dig into the training videos they have in the education center.

The great thing about the education center is that you can find some pretty in depth videos about affiliate marketing in general. All of the tutorials are designed to set you up for success and there are actionable things to do so that you can measure your progress- which is nice.

The only thing that put me off initially was paying nearly $1 per visit to my site. I found the cost a bit high for traffic, but they promised quality traffic and if I got just 3 sales out of the 100 visits, my traffic would be paid for with a small profit at the end. So, if you look at your traffic as an investment and you create high converting funnels the cost for traffic packages won't matter much once it starts streaming revenue.

Also, all of your opt in are yours to keep. So at the end of it all, your Aweber account still collects those emails and you can do what you will with your fresh list of warm leads. I am personally building rapport and trust before offering anything crazy to my list. I do value relationship building and making sure I am recommending proper solutions to my people.


How Can I Use 12 Minute Affiliate In My Business?

The best way to use 12 Minute Affiliate, for me, was to introduce it in my daily routine. I personally log in first thing in the AM before I start content writing. All of my stats are viewable through Clickbank I view my top performers and order more traffic to get pushed to those sites. I will periodically update my blog posts with fresh links or sync my 12 minute affiliate to my blog to push traffic there as well. YES! You can sync your own domain to their traffic feature too.


Specifically, the 12 Minute Affiliate has a nice simple menu to navigate and it really does take less than 12 minutes to set up and maintain your sites through them. This allows you to generate passive income while working on visibility for your brand through content creation, sales calls and the like.  I LOVE my blog time but the reality is that content creation takes time to generate cash.12 Minute Affiliate can give you speed in scaling both your blog and your affiliate efforts.

12 Minute Affiliate also has coaching! Yes folks, believe it or not, you can get on a Platinum plan that offers one to one coaching. This service is great for someone brand new to affiliate marketing that wants a pro at their side while they set up, analyze, and learn how funnel building works. As most of you know, I am a die hard Clickfunnel fan- but 12 Minute Affiliate is definitely a top contender in affordability and offering instant traffic solutions. I am always preaching the power of outsouring (see my article about being Financially Free Through Outsouring) , and 12 minute affiliate paired with clickfunnels would be the ultimate outsourcing package for anyone's marketing efforts. The great thing is that both software complement one another and can be applied to any industry.

About The Product & A General Review of Benefits

The company describes this product as one that can maximize results over other funnel software because it offers a ‘Done For You' feature where you can invest in everything from set up to traffic all outsourced in order to  claim a  true passive income lifestyle. 12 Minute Affiliate focuses on building a community of other affiliates that can support and mentor one another, to build true financial freedom while gaining the time freedom we all yearn for.

12 Minute Benefits– If You're have a hard time reading the description of ‘Done For Your Traffic' in the photo, here is the text as it reads in the image :

Get QUALITY Traffic Send To ANY Of Your Affiliate Niche Funnels With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

  • 12 Minute Affiliate has partnered up with some of the top traffic providers on the entire internet. Our traffic providers ONLY deal with what's known as TOP-TIER traffic (traffic from English speaking countries, like the USA, Canada, England, & Australia). This traffic is guaranteed to be real!
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy cheap/fake traffic. If you do this, you will get ZERO results. That's why we offer to take care of getting the traffic for you!
  • The entire process takes just 2 minutes

Here's all you have to do:

  • Click the “GET TRAFFIC” button below.
  • Select the type of traffic you want based on your niche. Then select the amount of traffic you want (based on your budget). Remember, the more traffic you get, the more people get on your email list, and the more likely you are to make sales!
  • Tell us where you want to send the traffic. Simply insert the link to the page you want your traffic to go to. This will be any one of your 12 Minute opt-in pages (or any other opt-in pages you've currently got).
  • After your order is placed, you'll be able to sign your receipt. This authorizes your purchase
  • Sit back and relax while we send the traffic for you”


1. You're buying CLICKS (a.k.a. visitors) NOT opt-ins (a.k.a. leads). Buying 100 clicks does not mean that 100 people will opt in to your email list. A “fair” opt in rate is about 20% or 25%.

2. We can NOT guarantee opt-ins or sales. We can only guarantee that the traffic will be REAL. If we could guarantee that a certain number of people would buy (or opt-in), then we'd gladly make that guarantee. But we cannot guarantee what a real person will do.

3. Traffic USUALLY starts to be delivered within 7-14 days (often much faster). However, if our traffic suppliers are backed up, then it may take a bit longer. But rest assured that we're going to get you your traffic as quickly as possible.

4. Your traffic may start, and then stop, and then start back up again. So if, for example, you order 175 -199 clicks, and you see that the opt ins have started coming… but then you see that after 15 opt ins the traffic stops; don't freak out. The traffic is often delivered in spurts.

5. Traffic is the life-blood of your business. Order AS MUCH traffic as you can, AS OFTEN as you can.

Review Recap: 12 Minute Affiliate Is Essential For Any Skill Level.

The main focus in 12 Minute Affiliate is to generate instant funnels and traffic to get up and off the ground as soon as possible. The complementary side of the business is that the education center and coaching actually teaches you how to optimize and maximize your efforts through other more advanced techniques. But there is kind of a “Learn while you earn” method going on here that keeps affiliates motivated to work more on their professional growth- ultimately leading to higher performance.

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